Friday, November 23, 2007

Article Roundup

Some humor from - Bourne shell server pages. Classic:

The basic idea behind all server page technologies is this: rather than writing code that generates an HTML document on-the-fly by writing it out as a series of print statements, you start with a "skeleton" HTML document and embed the code right inside it. Voila! Instead of having a tangled, unreadable, unmaintainable mess of HTML embedded in source code, you have a tangled, unreadable, unmaintainable mess of source code embedded in HTML.

Bourne Shell Server Pages are ordinary ASCII text files, with the special extension .shit, which denotes "Shell-Interpreted Template." The result of invoking the page compiler on a .shit file, is, naturally, a shell script.

and yet...the minimalist in me thinks this might be a good idea...

Didier Stevens wanted to see if people would click on an ad that offered to infect them with a virus. Short version, they did.

Mark Pilgrim expresses his frustrations with Amazon's new ebook reader and DRM.

More humor - what if Gmail had been designed by Microsoft?.

Finally, you can run multiple HTTPS sites off of one IP address with OpenSSL and TLS extensions. You can also do this with mod_gnutls.

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