Friday, November 16, 2007

Article Roundup

This Code Goes to Eleven asks if adding namespaces to PHP can save it. That question presupposes that PHP is in need of saving - for better or worse, I think PHP is far too widely used at this point to be in danger of extinction. But yes, the lack of proper namespaces in PHP is a royal pain for anything outside of a trivial script.

You have to worry when Bruce Schneier wonders if the NSA put a backdoor in the new PRNG standard.

Gene Simmons is an idiot. Perhaps he should speak to one of these gentlemen. They seem to be doing quite well, despite the evil music downloaders.

Emacs fans who still like to read printed manuals, the GNU Emacs manual for the latest version 22 is finally out in paperback.

TechRepublic talks about alternative Linux desktops. has a good series of articles on desktop FreeBSD.

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