Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Serious Businesses Don't Use Ubuntu Because the Release Names are Silly

Ubuntu has an identity crisis, because the development names of its releases are silly. Sheesh. As one commenter points out, take a look at some other silly names. Also, to be on the safe side, you better not use any Intel hardware. Stay way from Apple, their codenames are just too silly for serious IT executives. Hopefully this is just satire and not a drunken rant by some columnist about to miss a deadline (or worse, a sober one).


Anonymous said...

No...serious businesses don't use Ubuntu because it's not commercial enough. Apart from traditional Unix, Red Hat and Novell are the only serious considerations, sorry to the Ubuntu fanboys.

Doug said...

True sometimes. It depends on who makes purchasing decisions and who they listen to. Big business IT managers with a few levels of insulation between them and technical staff will usually go with Novell/Red Hat/Sun. Non-commercial Linuxes like Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS tend to make inroads from below, or when managers listen to sysadmins.