Thursday, July 26, 2007

Article Roundup

A bit of nostalgia, and a cool community of *nix hackers in the truest sense - The SDF public access Unix system celebrated it's 20th anniversary last month. SDF runs on a cluster of NetBSD/Alpha machines, maintains a text-mode BBS and one of the few remaining gopher servers (users have access to their own gopher-space). Basic shell accounts are free, but you can upgrade your experience with some minimal dues.

Speaking of Gopher, Cameron Kaiser gives us Down the Gopher Hole, some history and links to still-current Gopher sites (Firefox handles them best).

A fascinating article on anti-forensics, how criminals and black-hats are foiling standard computer forensic techniques. Law Enforcement is already changing their tactics.

Keeping the flame-wars alive. How a Vim User Converts to Emacs.

A Windows guy tries Ubuntu.

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