Wednesday, February 21, 2007

HP15C Goodness

At UMASS Amherst in the late 80's it was pretty common for Engineering and CompSci students to buy HP calculators for their math and physics classes. My freshman year, I bought an HP15C and promptly got hooked on RPN, doomed to forever hate calculators that limited the user to "algebraic entry". So I was happy to resurrect my HP calculator with a new set of batteries (Energizer 357 silver oxide batteries were the cheapest I found at about $3 each). The last set lasted literally years, but finally died last year and I'd been putting off getting new ones. You've got to love a piece of hardware that lasts for over 20 years with just battery changes. Oh, and for those that used to love RPN, but don't have an old HP laying around, Emacs has a wonderful Calc mode.


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