Saturday, August 26, 2006

Comments on "Involuntary Ubuntu"

There is an interesting article at where Tim Bray recounts his recent experiences with Ubuntu. He discusses a few things I've talked about before - one, that apt-get is Debian/Ubuntu's main strength, and why something like it should be in Solaris:

You know, this has been said a lot, but it bears repeating: Apt-get is just so unreasonably fucking great. Why aren’t we using it for Solaris updates? I managed to pull together the whole witches’ brew of OSS that makes ongoing go without ever leaving Synaptic. Oops, not quite true, I cruised past CPAN to get DBI and DBD::MySQL, but I’m not sure I needed to, because when I got MySQL, I saw a lot of perl-related stuff go flying by.

He's right, he did not need to use CPAN for DBI/DBD. The package 'libdbd-mysql-perl' would have pulled it in for him. 'apt-cache search dbi mysql' would list relevant packages.

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