Saturday, August 26, 2006

Article Roundup

Ex-parrot brings us fun with wireless Internet access thieves. This one is really funny, a real-life "Revenge of the Nerds". Of course, someone who can fiddle fluently with iptables and Perl should be using some variant of WPA, but that would not be nearly as fun.

NeoBinaries lists Five very useful Firefox extensions.

Windows DRM is done, thanks to the program FairUse4WM. I don't think the DRM peddlers will ever learn - DRM doesn't work.

Red Hat vs. Ubuntu - My take - I don't think Red Hat is going under anytime soon - they have too much of a buy-in from the Fortune-500, the ex-proprietary Unix clients.

Information Week lists the best software ever written. The verdict? Unix is #1, of course.

A programmer's Bill of Rights. Yes, coding in noisy cubicle-land with an ancient PC sucks.

International crime rings are much more of a concern than the lone 'hacker'. No surprise there, really. Identity theft is too easy, too lucrative to ignore.

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