Friday, July 28, 2006

Article Roundup

In honor of Sysadmin Appreciation Day (July 28th), the classic song and some humor.

Very useful site with backported Debian installer images. They mainly contain updated kernels, meaning they support lots of newer hardware, including Dell's latest power-edge servers. gives us an analysis of security patch times for various Linux distros. The fastest patchers? Ubuntu, Fedora and RHEL, with Debian a close fourth.

Yet another high-profile switch from Mac to Ubuntu Linux. This is interesting:

It has been my experience that the Mac "community" (ie, the most vocal and active of the Macintosh enthusiast and power users) tend to be incredibly negative and expect much more than they deserve.

Stifflog interviews some well-known programmers.

What the World-Wide-Web looked like in 1996, when the Internet Archive started archiving web pages. I'd forgotten how bad some of these sites looked.

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