Monday, June 26, 2006

Requiring IE for Security Reasons - Huh?

I had an amusing exchange recently when I was calling a big-name security vendor for support on behalf of a client. I had been mildly irritated that I couldn't access their support portal with Firefox, since I wanted to open a ticket online. I suspected it was one of those 'IE-only' sites you hear about. Becoming less-and-less frequent, those. No easy way for me to test it, not a Windows box in sight...

Me: "Are you aware your support portal doesn't work with Firefox? Do other people complain about it?"
Engineer: "Yes, we get complaints about that. It only works with Internet Explorer, for security reasons".
Me: [Laughing out loud]..."You realize how that sounds?"
Engineer: "Yes, I use Firefox, too - for security reasons."
Me: "[More laughs]... Did they say if they would fix it?"
Engineer: "I don't think they will. Anyway, I don't have much of a say in the decision."

Wow. You would think a security company would know better.

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