Friday, June 30, 2006

Article Roundup

Ivan Ristic (the author of ModSecurity), talks about some of ModSecurity's new features.

Some decent tips for securing Linux distributions, mainly concerned with Red Hat-like distributions.

Over at, Jem Matzan comments on how desktop Linux distros are headed in the wrong direction. His main point is that developers are trying to compete with Vista and Mac OS X by incorporating eye-candy into their desktops, when they should be trying to innovate in the application space. This is probably more about the widely-used desktops KDE and Gnome used in most popular distros - they are agonizingly slow on older hardware, and are even sluggish at times on newer hardware. Of course, if you are developing a commercial Linux distribution, the snazzy graphics give you good screenshot fodder, and increase general interest.

Bruce Byfield talks about how GPL enforcement may have a chilling effect on the smaller Linux distributions.

Mark Pilgrim updates his Ubuntu essential software list after his switch from Mac. His first one is funny:

1. Ubuntu, which is an ancient African word meaning "can't install Debian".

Interesting commentary on whether or not Computer Science Majors make good programmers. My take - not necessarily, but what is learned in a compsci degree program makes a good foundation if one is so inclined.

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