Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Article Roundup

I came across this nifty Perl script for starting services in /etc/rc.d on Slackware (easily modified to run on other Linux or *BSD variants). This is like Red Hat's service command (e.g. 'service sshd restart'), just more concise and with fewer options, but still very usable.

There are two articles about switching back to Linux from Mac OS X, one by Chromatic at the Linux Devcenter, the other at Mark Pilgrim's blog (the author of Dive Into Python). Having never used Mac OS X, I can't say I know how they feel, but as a free-software advocate, I have never felt the urge to go the Apple route. To me, they Apple is just another proprietary OS vendor, complete with closed hardware, DRM and vendor lock-in. No thanks.

I mentioned Firefox for Emacs Users in a previous post. Here is part II, with lots of tips.

Why Enterprises are Adopting Open Source.

Linux.com tells us about Using Debconf to configure a Debian system.

This is a doozy - from Google Research, Nearly All Binary Searches and Mergesorts are Broken. This is decades-old software.

Finally, a bit of humor.

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