Sunday, June 04, 2006

Article Roundup

GNU grep may have been around a while, but the developers are still adding some new features. Some of the most notable are a '-P' switch that allows the use of Perl regexps, ,and a '-o' option that causes grep to return only matched patterns (as opposed to entire lines).

Debian/Ubuntu Tips & Tricks tells us how to use debootstrap to Install Debian Etch From a Running Debian-based System. This is nothing new (debootstrap has been around since 2001) - but still quite useful for installing or testing multiple Debian releases. Here are more generic instructions on using debootstrap from any RPM-based Linux distribution.

There's an interesting discussion at Martin Brown's blog on whether GNU/Linux distribution choices are based on fads or favoritism. In some ways this is a chicken-and-egg type question - popular distros like Ubuntu get that way because they are easy to install and use on many different hardware platforms. It's also probably less of an issue when you're choosing a server OS. The preponderance of laptops with proprietary and fast-changing hardware tends to guide (desktop) distro choices.

Nine live mini GNU/Linux distributions on one CD. You can choose which one to use at boot time.

Bruce Schneier talks about Aligning Interest with Capability, and opens up the can of worms (again) that is software liability (further down in the first post). Marcus Ranum has some interesting comments on software liability in another of Bruce's posts last year.

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