Sunday, May 07, 2006

It's the Other Apps, Stupid

I came across this funny blog post - Emacs Key Bindings Make You Retarded. Of course the post is decent satire, but I think it's the other apps' key bindings that make you retarded. Really. It drives me crazy when I'm in Emacs after having used vi for a few agonizing hours on some lame, minimalist system and "Esc :wq [Enter]" gives me a Lisp evaluation error. So I just try to do everything in Emacs (including my blog posts). It's easier that way. For those times when I can't be in Emacs, Firefox can get Emacs key bindings with a few tweaks (easiest under GTK+/Gnome) and's key bindings are completely customizable (Tools->Customize->Keyboard).

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