Friday, May 12, 2006

Article Roundup

Given the seemingly abysmal state of network security these days, especially web application security, I thought I'd share an old (in Internet terms), but useful link for those developing Perl CGI applications with an eye towards security.

A very good article explaining why Lisp is the way it is and why you, the programmer, should care. Lisp advocacy with a different approach.

Debian-Administration (an excellent site, BTW) gives us Automating new Debian installations with preseeding.

Linux Format interviews Novell's Greg Mancusi-Ungaro, the Director of Marketing for Linux. One of his comments is interesting:

LXF: Do you think that any company can be the Linux equivalent of Microsoft, given that it's an open source OS and people can do pretty much what they want?

GMU: Well, if we ever woke up one day and said 'Wow, Novell is the Microsoft of Linux' or 'Red Hat is the Microsoft of Linux', then the Linux movement would be over. What you want to say is, Novell is the enabler - the company that's enabling Linux to be successful. But Linux is largely held in trust by the community, and Novell is making Linux work for large enterprises. That's a very different thing. Microsoft controls everything; it can make nations change their mind, and not in a good way I don't think.

I agree with this completely - No one company has a lock on Linux (the kernel proper), nor any of the most useful server, development or desktop apps, like GCC, or Apache. I suppose you could lock yourself into one Linux vendor by becoming completely reliant on a proprietary app that only supported one Linux distribution, but then that would be the fault of the application, not the operating system.

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