Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Article Roundup

Three hackers from the University of Toronto have developed distributed proxy software that is set to be released at the end of this month. Called Psiphon, it is meant for use inside countries with restrictive Internet access policies.

NetBSD developer Hubert Feyrer describes a cool way to use qemu during sysadmin training. See also my qemu howto.

Perl surprises some at the Coverity open source code analysis defect project by having the fewest defects of the three LAMP languages - Python, PHP and Perl. Here is the quote:

...surprised, however, by the performance of the Perl language. Of the LAMP stack, Perl had the best defect density well passed standard deviation and better than the average, Chelf said. Perl had a defect density of only 0.186. In comparison Python had a defect density of 0.372 and PHP was actually above both the baseline and LAMP averages at 0.474.

Speaking of Perl, Leo Lapworth brings us The Ultimate Perl Module List.

Interesting article and discussion on Why Business Needs More Geeks.

How even geeks can stay in shape.

Is the US lagging behind in open source adoption?

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